Insulated Double Wall Glass - Enjoy a Cup of Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino or Latte Longer at the Perfect Temperature, with Your Favorite Glass Coffee Mugs

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  • BE IN STYLE: with your Glass Coffee Mugs, that will never burn your hand or freeze your hand out, because of Double Wall Glass. This Insulated Wall prevents your Tea or Latte to get cold, as well as prevents your wine or beer get warm because of your outside temperature, Sommelier's Choice Forever .
  • BE COOL: while drinking your super HOT Tea Glass, Cappuccino Cups from Armashu Insulated Double Wall Glass Mug. These Crystal Clear Double Wall Coffee Mug 12 oz will attract your guests attention and will make them enjoy their beverages longer at the perfect temperature.
  • BE HOT: with super cool crystal clear Thermal Glass that will keep your drink hot/cool longer. I guarantee that these Glass Mug will become your Favorite Mugs and Ultimate Cups Glass that will Enhance Your Fine Dining Drinking experience.
  • BE LOVING: and offer these Large Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug as a Birthday Gift or any other celebration, offer it to Your Best Friend, Mom or Dad, whether he/she is a latte lover, cappacino lover, beer or wine Lover.
  • BE SURE: These Double Wall Cup is Dishwasher Safe as well as Microware Safe. We have tested our Cappuccino Cups in Dishwasher for more than 30 minutes at various temperatures, as well as heat it in the microwave for at more than 7 minute. Our Borosilicate Coffee Mugs are hand made, using strongest durable glass, yet they have the Fine Finish and Crystal Clear Look.

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